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Here I am

2007-11-02 00:49:03 by Sebrat

Well here I am at Newgrounds... wasn't planning to get an account here, but I was sort of forced into it.

Here I am


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2007-11-02 02:41:18

Yo yo yo! I have decided I might as well resurrect my old account, since I figure the best way to combat folk stealing you things is to become preemptively famous.

Sebrat responds:

Hahahah yeah. I guess with the stuff that we do, we sort of need to be famous, otherwise stuff like people stealing our work WILL HAPPEN! hehehehe. Besides we are completing a course where we are expected to master this program for whatever use it for. Flash is still the primary tool for many animators, and if we want to show stuff on the net it is so fast! You will be mighty if you post Kingdom of Machines!!!! Just imagine!!!!! It will be one of the top games to ever come on Newgrounds!


2007-11-02 09:12:56

you are my idol. the red character displayed above is absolutely wonderful, what does the wildstyle say?

and on another note, Im really jealous of your perfect colors. do you use the standard flash colors in your work? or do you have some tricky way of getting more unique ones?

Sebrat responds:

Hello there!
I am honored that you see me as an idol. hehe. Never been one of those before.
The graph piece above my red character says 'SEB', (one of my nicknames) I actually prefer Seba. Anyway, I am always really cautious and thoughtful with colours. It can make a massive difference to the design of your work. I do use the default flash colours though. It's just how you use the limited palette that makes the difference. I also sometimes paint may backgrounds in photoshop and imoprt them into flash. Works so well with CS3! mmmmm. It is good to make your work consistent. Having three colours that harmonise and then lots of shades of grey, black etc in a piece is one way to do it.


2008-03-13 21:41:11

Oh god, I love your banner.